Transitional Kitchen Designs You Will Absolutely Love

Transitional kitchen design is taking center stage in the kitchen designs sphere. Many homeowners are abandoning traditional or contemporary kitchen designs for transitional kitchen design because they see it on TV and home remodeling websites. If you have heard of it, you are probably wondering what it is and why you should care. Read on to find everything you need to know about transitional kitchen design.

What is Transitional Kitchen Design?

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Transitional design combines the elements of modern classics with fresh minimalism. If extremely modern kitchens don’t excite you, you may be thinking of going for traditional kitchens. But traditional kitchens have unpleasant aesthetic feelings that may not excite you either. The perfect option is to choose a transitional kitchen design.

Transitional kitchen designs expertly combine the elements of traditional designs with modern feelings. It does not try to emphasize any one aspect or style. If you have a modern home,  you should consider the traditional kitchen design. The converse is also true.

Relaxing and Clean

When you choose a transitional design, you get the benefits of both worlds. Your kitchen will have the famous textures that come with traditional designs as well as the sophistication associated with contemporary designs. The resulting design will be relaxing, clean, and functional for any modern needs.

Homeowners have always complained about the fussy nature of contemporary designs. They have demanded that designs be functional and decorative but not too bright. The transitional kitchen captures this desire by adopting a minimalistic style with wooden details.


The underlying feature of any transitional kitchen is modesty and an open layout. As a result, homeowners want colors that are timeless. That is why airy and light colors dominate transitional kitchens. Designers prefer blues, greys, and whites because these colors are considered clean and relaxing. If you want to sell your home with its transitional design, you should choose neutral colors.

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Transitional kitchens include cabinets with medium or light colors. Many of them were made from wood or mixed materials. If you walk into a transitional kitchen, you will find cabinets with recessed back panels and few doors. Many of them will feature matte decorative hardware.

Common Kitchen Finishes

Brass and black finishes are a crucial feature of modern transitional kitchen designs. You will find tiles, appliances, kitchen faucets, and window shades coming in dark colors. This is to prevent one component from becoming too dominant.

At the same time, oversized cabinet hardware is put aside as designers focus on small pulls. Another dominant feature is geometric tiles. These tiles are used in creating the crisp style of transitional design. Homeowners prefer them in tiny appearances so that they don’t draw attention unto themselves. If your kitchen occupies a large area, you should also choose a grout color that  helps reduce any patterns.


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Flooring and Lighting

Transitional kitchens can take any form of lighting, but most homeowners prefer pendant lighting. In that light, most transitional design kitchens will have several oversized pendants and leaner contemporary lighting pieces.

You’ll also find open shelving designs that homeowners use to recreate the traditional lantern lighting. At the end of the day, both traditional lighting and modern light fixtures will complement one another in the transitional kitchen design.

Wood-look flooring and other types of wooden flooring dominate transitional kitchens. They are usually light or dark with a particular emphasis on traditional colors. If you use wood-look flooring, people will look at them but not for too long. Consequently, wooden flooring brings in a wonderful feeling without overshadowing other parts of the room.

Combining Artificial and Natural Materials

Using artificial and natural materials creates contrast and mystery in your kitchen space. It is the ultimate representation of any transitional style. There isn’t a specific formula for combining these materials, and each person is at liberty to choose elements from both groups.

For example, you can choose metallic hardware and combine it with industrial stools and wood-look flooring. At the same time, you can choose glass tile backsplash and natural stones for countertops. It’s also not uncommon for people to use stainless steel appliances in a transitional kitchen and bamboo blinds.

Ornate Details on Simple Surfaces

Transitional style designers prefer to combine simple finishes with clean lines. Once they have done this, they then introduce ornate details to emphasize traditional elements. If this is something that you’d like to do, you should be prepared to purchase a minimalist canvas to emphasize traditional pieces within your kitchen.


Getting Started

You may still have doubts about going for the transitional kitchen design. But if you are a fan of contemporary and traditional styles, there is no reason why you should sacrifice either one of them. You will be joining millions of homeowners who want to see the beautiful and nostalgic elements of traditional styles without eliminating a contemporary kitchen’s functionality.

It’s always a good idea to seek professional advice from an interior designer before engaging in any home remodeling process.