I have worked with Leo Lantz on a professional level and have appreciated the quality of work he provides for his customers. Now that I actually became one of his customers I have even more respect and appreciation for his work.
My home had issues of soot from a previous house fire that I never knew about when I bought it and over the years due to poor clean up and treatment after that fire, I had shadows appearing on every ceiling and wall in my house. I had tried washing, scrubbing and even paint over the shadows but they just got worse. The tape used on the sheetrock to repair and cover up sky lights and typical seams throughout the house, were cracking and coming off, leaving my home looking like it was falling apart.
Leo’s contractor for drywall repair, Regi with Virginia Contactor Painting, was amazing. His work was fabulous and he made sure the work was perfect before finishing up. My house now looks like its brand new on the inside and I am confident that I will never have this issue again. Proper treatment of all walls and ceilings were done and the paint job was top notch.
If you are looking to make repairs or renovations in your home, definitely reach out to Leo Lantz and his crew.