Kitchen Pricing Guide

How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost?


A kitchen is generally a heavy use and high traffic area.  Over time, this frequent use can make your kitchen appear battered and worn. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you start noticing signs of wear and tear. Sinks begin to leak, cabinets get worn out, tiles start to lift, and drawers start to stick. Such issues can often create frustration.

Do you consider your kitchen dated or tired? A kitchen upgrade can not only add to your home’s value, but more importantly, it can make your kitchen more functional, convenient, and a more enjoyable living space.

If you’re considering a significant remodeling project, be sure to do your homework. A poorly executed remodeling project may not add the functionality and value you may be seeking.  In the initial planning phase, most homeowners consider the budgeting aspect as the most challenging.  It is essential to understand that kitchen remodeling project costs vary broadly, primarily due to each project’s scope.  However, homeowners should also know what to expect from their investment.  This guide will help you understand what to anticipate in your kitchen remodeling budget.

A kitchen remodeling project isn’t just for any handyman. You should invest in, and include in your budget, the cost of a professional contractor.  Often the estimates you hear about from friends, architects, and even contractors can vary wildly. Add to that the many options that affect a kitchen project’s cost, and you’ll quickly realize how challenging it can be to get a reasonable estimate for your new kitchen.

But do all these variables mean it’s impossible to obtain an accurate estimate? Not at all!

The Various Levels of Kitchen Remodeling

Simply put, not all kitchen renovations are the same! And the scope of your project will determine how much you’ll need to spend.

Level I: An Updated Space

When your kitchen looks a little stale, sometimes all it may need is a good freshening up to make it match your needs. Here, the technicians remove old fixtures and cabinetry to create a new design that fits your space and lifestyle.

This kitchen remodel level would typically include new flooring, faucets, lighting, quartz countertops, and customized cabinets. You will have options such as under-cabinet lighting and tile backsplashes. On average, this project will cost $40,000-$60,000, plus appliances.  But keep in mind this range applies to smaller kitchens where the professionals may not be able to enlarge your kitchen space or include any of the many available options.

Level II: A Full Renovation

Suppose your kitchen is in a relatively bad state of disrepair. In that case, it may make better sense to start with a new layout making your outdated space more functional and inviting. At this level, you’ll work closely with your designers to reshape the layout of the kitchen. Such an approach ensures it will be a space you’ll not only enjoy spending much time in but also one that perfectly meets your needs and tastes.  

With charges in the $60,000-$80,000 range, not including appliances, your kitchen will undergo a complete renovation. In addition to those changes noted in level I, this level comes with a lot of additional upgrades that could include:


Converting from electric to gas cooking


Slide-out shelves


Beverage center


Butler Pantry


Full trim including Crown Molding


Level III: The Dream Kitchen

Transforming your outdated kitchen into a modern and functional dream kitchen is one of the most rewarding renovations you can make in your home. This level includes additional upgrades such as adding prep sinks, cabinets with integrated lighting, higher-end fixtures and finishes, new appliances, and greater access to another living space.  Designers may also be able to remove a wall and expand the kitchen. 

Although Level III kitchen remodels are expensive and can run in excess of $80,000, they can also bring the much-needed change you are looking for. This level will add a high degree of functionality and provide that feeling of luxury.

Cost of Kitchen Remodeling Per Square Foot

It could cost you about $250 per square foot to remodel your kitchen. The overall project cost will vary depending on flooring, new appliances, and the quality of materials used.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Kitchen Island or Peninsula

Ideally, kitchens should have sufficient space to sit, eat and prepare. Some kitchens may be big enough to accommodate a peninsula and/or a kitchen island. 

An island isn’t always the best option for smaller kitchens, but it can add function, value, and style to your kitchen if you have enough space.  A 24 sq. ft island with a granite countertop will cost you approximately $4,500.  If a peninsula is a better option, an equal-sized peninsula would cost about $3,100.

Water Treatment Systems

One helpful add-on in any kitchen remodeling project is installing a water treatment system. This is usually a built-in system used for filtering water for cooking and drinking. The price ranges from $250-$400.

Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is another helpful add-on that you might consider including in your new kitchen. Its price varies based on the unit’s quality and size.  On average, a new garbage disposal will cost around $300.


Who doesn’t love a well-lit kitchen? And what more memorable way to light up your kitchen than with natural light. Replacing a window can cost you up to $1,500. However, this price will vary depending on the window’s size, style, trim, and material.  But that’s just if you’re replacing an existing window.  Adding a window may require the services of an architect. What’s more, the scope associated with adding a new window may cost you 50% more than a replacement, depending on framing requirements.

Factors That Can Add Costs to Your Kitchen Remodeling

Let’s face it; the cost of a kitchen renovation can vary greatly, as explained above. It’s helpful to understand how each kitchen element will impact the cost of your kitchen remodel. A few add-ons that may significantly increase the total cost of your renovation include:


Moving or opening walls, especially load-bearing walls


Larger / Higher square foot kitchen spaces


Higher-end cabinets and countertops


These loans, as with any loan, require financial discipline. You shouldn’t spend the funds on something else before paying for your kitchen remodeling project;


Your home acts as collateral and secures the loan;


These loans may include closing fees and costs.

How Can You Budget for a Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodeling comes with a great many options.  It’s advisable to create a budget that you can work with and afford and then work your remodeling project around that budget.  Before writing out your budget, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as:


What do I want and need in a kitchen?


What can I afford?


How long can I be without a kitchen during remodeling?


Am I planning to sell my home soon?


It may take longer for HELOC approval.

To begin with, break down your budget as follows: flooring (5%), plumbing & lighting (10%), countertops (15%), appliances (20%), cabinets (25%), plus another 10% for installation.  Of course, what you end up with within your remodel budget may not align with the above. For example, suppose you are reusing your appliances rather than replacing them. In that case, you will likely allocate more for cabinets or countertops.

Don’t forget to include the designer’s and contractor’s charges. It’s also a great idea to have a contingency! Consider including an extra 20% of unplanned expenses and repairs so that, if needed, they don’t catch you by surprise.

How Can You Make Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Cost Less?

So, you’ve finally decided you want to remodel your kitchen. You’ve spent hours on the internet looking at kitchen layouts, gone to kitchen showrooms, and planned exactly how you want your dream kitchen to look. Then you meet with contractors and receive the quote only to find it’s well beyond your available budget.  Unless you’re ready to remortgage your home, you’ll want to reduce the cost of your new kitchen. Here are a few simple ways that can help you do that.

Reuse Materials

Most renovations start with doing away with the old kitchen entirely. But to keep the cost low, think about what you can save and reuse. For instance, you can reuse the worktops, especially if they’re quartz or granite. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Reusing appliances is another great way to reduce your remodeling costs. 

Reuse Existing Kitchen Space

Believe it or not, remodeling and reusing your kitchen’s existing footprint can save you lots of bucks. This can also minimize the disruption in your home.

Other surefire ways of reducing the cost of renovating your kitchen include:


Be selective with your selections.


Eliminate and/or reduce structural alterations


Repurpose old kitchen parts


Rely on the Kitchen Remodeling Experts

As a trusted and award-winning company, Leo Lantz Construction can help you realize your kitchen dreams. We’ve assembled a team of master craftsmen and seasoned project managers to help make the entire process hassle-free. We strive to meet and exceed all of our clients’ expectations by delivering transformative and quality results!

Contact us today, and we’ll send our top-rated team your way.



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