Embracing the Farmhouse Style for the Modern Kitchen

A popular theme for many homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodel is the farmhouse look. There are many options to choose from in the farmhouse category. The type of farmhouse décor you choose will depend on what area of the country you are from. Every area of the country offers unique ideas when it comes to cabinetry, organizational ideas, and the best ways to use your open spaces.

Break Out the Brick

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Brick backsplashes or bricking up a wall can add unique textures and colors to your kitchen. Brick is easy to clean and maintain. Brick will add a rustic look that will fit in with almost all other forms of farmhouse décor. Brick comes in several shades of red, brown  and orange, depending on the type of clay that is used.

Open Up Your Cabinets

Many farmhouses embrace an “open” cabinet concept. While the basic cabinet structure is used, the doors can be removed. This leaves the cabinets open and easily accessible. Opening up your cabinets can also open a small amount of space as well. You can easily see where everything is located so you don’t have to waste any time looking for  what you need.

areas by hanging their pots and pans on large metal racks that were attached to the wooden beams. Not only does this free up most of your lower storage areas, it gives you easy access to all of your pots and pans without having to constantly bend over or stoop to pick them up.

Stainless Steel Appliances

In the past, large cast-iron stoves and furnaces were the norms when it came to cooking in a farmhouse. There are still some places that may even offer replicas of the original cast iron stoves from days long past.  However, with today’s upgrades, stainless steel appliances are extremely popular. Metal surfaces go with almost any type of texture or surface material when it comes to countertops or cabinets. Stainless steel appliances come in a variety of colors as well as various shades of brushed silver or gray.


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Give It a Rustic Look

You can give your farmhouse kitchen a truly rustic look by including some barn siding. Barn siding can be used around windows, as shelves, or to cover an accent wall. Combine barn wood and brick for a unique blending of textures and colors. Barn wood can be found that looks almost new. You can also find pieces that are extremely weathered and rough looking. This will add to the rustic nature of your farmhouse décor. One benefit of barn wood is that it goes with many other types of décor. Making sure it is properly stained and protected will ensure that it stands the test of time.

There are several options you can choose from that will allow you to create the perfect farmhouse look for your kitchen. Taking the time to go over all of your options will allow you to choose the one that stands out for you. You can also mix and match concepts and ideas to create a kitchen that is uniquely your own. Before you make your final decision, you may be able to use a remodeling simulator that will show you what your kitchen will look like after the work is finished. Explore your options and choose the farmhouse décor that suits your taste.