Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets

In 1961, a few individuals decided to supply cabinets to Livonia, Michigan locals. For the last 50 years, that small group has grown into a large cabinetry company. The company is now located on a 1.8 million square foot piece of land. Here, you can purchase a wide range of cabinetry products. The company’s name is Wellborn Cabinets. Here are the main reasons why you should consider Wellborn Cabinets.

The Company is Trustworthy

, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets

People have come to trust Wellborn cabinets because:

  • The company uses ultra-modern technology.
  • Years of experience and high-level technology produces superior finishes and styles.
  • The company allows buyers to select their preferences.



Your family will be amazed by the wide range of products provided by Wellborn. You may have an idea, but you don’t know how to bring it to life. If you contact Wellborn Cabinets, they will customize your closets and other cabinets. At the same time, their prices are affordable and well below standard market rates.

Improve Your Home’s Aesthetics

When you walk into any home, the first thing you notice is the cabinet. If you have well-designed cabinetry, people will be attracted to your home. But how do you find that perfect cabinetry? Wellborn offers  six product lines to customers.

Most cabinetry suppliers have limited collections, but not Wellborn. They have every cabinet that you will need. Wellborn offers everything from basic simple shaker cabinets to semi-custom cabinets..

, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets

Several Types of Materials

Wellborn’s sole purpose is to manufacture cabinets for the home of your dreams  You will have the opportunity to choose from a vast collection of materials.

All the cabinets have exquisite finishes. Also, there are many styles with personalized characteristics for you to choose from. Available materials include oak, maple, and cherry.

Sustainable and Durable Products

Sustainability and durability are the hallmarks of Wellborn’s cabinets. They ensure that the cabinets will last for many years in your home. Emphasis on durability has been part of the company’s mission since the company was founded in the early 1960’s. Employees consider product durability  as their mission. The idea is to meet modern standards while maintaining quality with proven designs.

CFI and FSC Certification

Wellborn products are meant to liven any house. For example, the Estate collection is intended to cater to a specific customer. The Estate collection is popular among people who are looking for the highest quality and style in their cabinets.

Customers will be glad to know that the Estate collection comes with CFI cabinetry and FSC certification.

These certifications are customarily only given to furniture companies that use sustainable wood. However, not all their cabinetry products have received this FSC certification. Fortunately, you will have the opportunity to select those that do have FSC certification. All Wellborn products come with extensive warranties.


, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets

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, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets

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, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets
, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets
, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets
, Why Choose Wellborn Cabinets

Home Concepts

Whether you are in the process of constructing a new house, or you want to remodel your current house, the Home Concepts series may be the best type of cabinetry for you. Home Concepts cabinets are very affordable and you havethe opportunity to choose from many styles and varieties. For example, you will have more than 75 options of cabinet doors to select from.

The wide range of options with the Home Concept cabinet is not limited to style and color. Cabinets come in various sizes. For example, while you may need larger wall cabinets to remodel your new kitchen, your bathroom may require smaller cabinets or a tiny medicine cabinet.

Wellborn has worked with several types of stains and paints over their many years in business. All finishes are beautiful and long lasting. After you have selected your ideal paint or stain, you can look to include sliding shelves, pull-out racks, and custom dividers.

Getting Started

Adequate storage space in your kitchen and home will help create a more comfortable and less frustrating living environment. Wellborn wants you to have the quality cabinetry that you want and deserve, and created using sustainable, durable, and beautiful materials. Your internal decor will improve if there is a well-balanced color palette. This is one of the things you can be sure of when you buy products from their factory. Many Wellborn products come with lifetime warranties, while others come with warranties that run for up to five years. If you would like further information on any Wellborn product, please don’t hesitate to contact us and set up a time to visit our showroom.