Upon deciding to renovate my kitchen, I interviewed three separate contractors. After interviewing and getting quotes and ideas from all 3 of them – it was very clear in my mind that I wanted to use Leo Lantz and his team for the job. John, the project manager was extremely thorough in his responses to me and always gave me honest advice as to what would and would not add value to my home. At no point did I ever feel as if I was being talked into something, so to speak. His suggestions as well as his response time to my LONG list of questions, was impeccable. I could reach him at any time and we were always in communication regarding the day to day. The crew that came in and did the work in my home were all very professional as well as respectful. John and Leo made sure to stay on the projected schedule, as they knew it was important to me. My kitchen looks amazing. I love it. The selections that were made look fabulous. Everything goes together beautifully and I love being in my kitchen. I would highly recommend Leo and his team to anyone and everyone. They take pride in their work and pay attention to ever single detail. They do not skip corners and it is was obvious to me that they genuinely care about the satisfaction of their customers.