Countertop – What Are Your Choices

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. As a homeowner, you need to invest a lot of money when remodeling your kitchen. One of the things to focus on is the kitchen countertops. However, installing new countertops can be expensive if you don’t know the right type of countertops for your home.
It is important that you take your time and consider the appliances, cabinets, fixtures, and layout when choosing the right countertops. Here are the main countertop choices, their pros, and cons.


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Most people typically think quartz is the same as quartzite, but the two are different. While quartz is derived from laboratory-prepared material, quartzite is a natural product from a quarry.


  • It is a very robust and strong material
  • Comes in various colors and patterns that depend on its original geological properties


  • Its price can be very high
  • Some homeowners have reported that the material becomes easily chipped or dented
  • Getting specific patterns and designs can be a costly affair


Quartz is now the most popular countertop material in the world. Unlike other countertop materials, quartz is created in the laboratory. The resulting stone is combined with resin to create slabs.

Homeowners prefer the quartz material because it can last for a long time. Similarly, countertops made from granite are easily maintained.


  • Not susceptible to stain, scratch, or heat
  • You can choose from a wide range of patterns, colors, and styles
  • No need to seal the surface because the material is non-porous


  • You may buy a variety that is not resistant to extreme heat
  • Does not have the same beauty of natural stones
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Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone has a warm, beautiful, and solid structure. The addition of this material to any countertop creates a welcoming and durable kitchen. Homeowners have a lot of fun when combining the colours.


  • The process of cleaning soapstone countertops is straightforward because the surface is non-porous
  • You can repair scratches with mineral oil and sandpaper


  • The material absorbs scratches quite easily, especially when you don’t choose the right slab
  • The material can easily chip away

Wood is a famous countertop material that can be molded into many styles.


  • Wood is a cheap material
  • Wood comes in various styles and finishes
  • It offers the benefits of stone materials such as visual depth
  • It’s a very sustainable material
  • Wood is available everywhere
  • If you maintain it well, it can serve you for many decades


  • High temperatures and sharp kitchen appliances can destroy delicate wood
  • Stains, water, and scratches can reduce the quality of your wood countertops
  • You will spend a lot of money and time to repair them


Granite is a wonderful material known for its extended durability and lack of expensive maintenance procedures. Nevertheless, the material is heavier than other countertop materials and can also be very costly.

Pros of Granite

  • Granite is a high-end material
  • The material lasts for a long time, and it’s heat resistant
  • You won’t spend a lot of money when maintaining granite countertops


  • Granite countertops are heavy and need additional materials to support them
  • Granite countertops cost a lot of money
  • Some varieties easily crack or chip away


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If you like granite but don’t like its heavy look, maybe you should go for marble countertops.


  • Marble comes in various colors
  • It is popular for people who like baking because the rolling of dough works perfectly on the marble
  • Marble will serve you for a long time
  • It can withstand high temperatures


  • It’s not uncommon to find cracks, dents, and scratches on marble
  • You will need sturdy cabinets because marble is quite heavy
  • You may also need additional materials for sealing
  • It can’t withstand some acids, especially those found in alcohol, citrus, and coffee
  • Most marble countertops cost a lot of money.

Solid Surface

If the cost of stone surfaces is too high, you may consider laminate.


  • Solid surface countertops won’t need to be sealed
  • They have a uniform color
  • You can install them without using seams
  • They don’t allow water or other fluids to seep through
  • Their uniformity makes sandpapering easier for homeowners
  • They have a much lower price than most stone countertops


  • Their ability to withstand scratching is minimal. Knives and other sharp objects will leave marks on solid surface countertops.
  • It is very easy to find dents on solid surface countertops
  • They do not withstand high temperatures
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Final Take

Choosing the right countertop will go a long way in improving the aesthetics of your kitchen. Unfortunately, there are so many types of countertops, each with its own characteristics. Ultimately, your choice will depend on your budget and personal preference.