Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Design Build Contractor in Brandermill, VA

With 80 distinctive neighborhoods, Brandermill is the second best place to live in Chesterfield County, right behind Woodlake. This relatively new family-friendly area boasts parks, walking paths, boating facilities, top-rated schools, The Green Market, and easy access to shopping and freeways. There’s a sense of community that brings everyone together. Blending a modern, 21st century lifestyle with the great outdoors, Brandermill is back-road enough to avoid traffic, but contemporary enough to make it an incredible place to live.

Although Brandermill is one of Virginia’s more recent residential developments, your home could be as much as 40 years old. Is it everything you’d like it to be, or could it use a little TLC? Maybe your kitchen or bathrooms are in need of some updates—or repair work. That’s when you call us at Leo Lantz Construction.

We work with homeowners throughout Brandermill when they want to upgrade their home. Whether you need your kitchen or bathroom renovated, a window or door replacement, or are considering aging-in-place remodeling, Leo Lantz Construction can handle both the design and building of any project.

What Is Aging In Place?
As people are living longer, more and more want to stay in their homes longer rather than move in with adult children or downsize completely into an assisted living facility. Aging in place not only makes that possible, it makes it safer and easier to stay home while eliminating the risks that you may have.

Simple modifications that can help you stay in your home as you grow older include rooms such as:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Exterior
  • Bedroom

We can make these same modifications in any part of your house to increase safety, usability and comfort. Making changes now, before they’re needed, will make life easier when the time comes.

Leo Lantz Construction specializes in home renovation for older homes. We’ll take care of your Brandermill home like it was our own. Contact us today at (804) 262-3360 to schedule your free consultation.